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Date Archives: April 2021

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Malware & Viruses are Increasing!


Keep Your Online Information Safe

From Your Friends at Integrity Computer Consulting and Repair

During this time people are conducting a lot of business via email, spending money online, and trying to find information online. Please be vigilant when opening emails, browsing the internet, downloading free software or games, and clicking on links in email and on the internet.

  • Fake emails from Amazon, Paypal, TurboTax, etc. are a daily occurrence. For most users, your spam filtering on your email account picks these types of emails up.  However, some do get through.  Please be extremely cautious opening these emails or downloading attachments from them. Please check the email address first and foremost, if the email does not line up with the company, mark it as junk and disregard.  Then mouse over (DO NOT CLICK ON) the links in the email; do they take you to a legitimate website? If not, mark it as junk and disregard.  If you have any questions about the validity of an email you can always send it to us at  (Be forewarned, if we do not respond within 24 hours, it may have gone into our own junk folder.  Please call our office for a follow-up if necessary.)
  • Malicious pop-ups on the internet are worse than ever. They usually take over your computer, are very loud with either an alarm or voice telling you your computer is infected, and request you call a number for "tech support".  Usually, a simple reboot can clear this from your machine.  First, try CTRL+ALT+Delete to correctly reboot your computer, however, in most instances, we are finding that you will have to hard reboot, aka push the power button until the computer shuts down. After you reboot and go back on the internet, make sure to click the option to NOT restore the previous session. 
  • Browser hijackers are also increasing.  You go to a website or download a program and it asks to install an extension… you allow it and then your entire browser is infected.  In many instances, we are having to reload computers due to these, as they sometimes install extensions in your internet browser and affect your registry.
  • Click-bait articles, product advertisements, and videos are also a rising nuisance as people try to seek out information on Covid-19 and the correlating vaccines.  If it seems outrageous or too good to be true, please do not click on it! Only click on trusted sources only when searching for information or buying products.

    If you have any questions about updates, pop-ups, emails, or need a clean-up, this can be done remotely.  Please contact our office via phone at 208.288.4345 or email if you need immediate assistance.


    How the Service Sector Growth Fuels the Expanding Economy



    This week's story focused on how the service sector growth fuels the expanding economy. Across the board, the United States realized market growth and increasing inflation. Despite the strong data, mortgage rates ended the week slightly lower.

    Service Sector Growth Affects Mortgage Rates

    The most significant economic report this week exceeded expectations by a considerable amount. The ISM national services index jumped from 55 to 64. This result is far above the consensus forecast of 59. It is also the highest ISM national services index level ever recorded.

    The service sector accounts for more than 75% of the United States' economic activity. Readings above 50 indicate that the United States economy is expanding. Thus, the service sector growth tends to have a substantial impact on mortgage rates.

    Service Sector Growth Dovetails into Employment Data

    Last week's key Employment data revealed that companies are hiring back workers. This is taking place after companies laid off numerous employees throughout the coronavirus pandemic. However, Tuesday's JOLTS report pointed to exceptional strength in the labor market and service sector growth.

    At the end of February, job openings jumped to 7.4 million. Based on analyst expectations, this statistic soared above the consensus forecast. It is also the most monthly job openings since January 2019.

    Ultimately, unfilled positions reflect increased demand for more workers, indicating labor market tightness.

    Signs of Rising Inflation

    The time during the pandemic is characterized by reduced economic activity. Overall, this led to a decline in inflation. The inflation decline is one of the chief factors lowering mortgage rates.

    Recently, the vaccine rollout moved forward. In addition, many parts of the United States economy are reopening, and this week reflected service sector growth. Investors worry that inflation may be heading higher. Subsequently, this week's data amplified those concerns.

    The Producer Price Index (PPI) is a widely followed monthly inflation report. PPI looks at the price change for raw materials and intermediate goods used to make final products. In March, PPI jumped 1.0% from February, far above the consensus forecast of 0.5%. Also, PPI rose 4.2% higher than a year ago, the highest annual rate of increase since 2011.

    As a result of the service sector growth and expanding economy, there are finally signs of rising inflation.

    Looking Ahead After the Service Sector Growth

    Looking ahead after the service sector growth, investors monitor the market for COVID-19 case counts and vaccine distribution.

    Beyond that, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) comes out and is a widely followed monthly inflation report. Mainly, CPI examines the price change for goods and services.

    Retail Sales data released on Thursday. Consumer spending accounts for over two-thirds of American economic activity. Because of this, retail sales data is a key indicator of growth.

    Commentary provided by MBSQuoteline



    7 Famous Foods from the Boise Area

    Boise Famous Foods

    Yes, the term "Idaho potatoes" is as classic as "Florida oranges" or "Maine lobster," but the culinary scene in Idaho includes much more. Our real estate agents recommend these seven famous foods that can be found at restaurants around Boise homes for sale

    1. Finger Steaks - Sockeye Brewing, 12542 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, ID 83713 
      These crispy, juicy nuggets, iconic in southern Idaho, are essentially chicken tenders made with beef instead of poultry. The finger steaks at Sockeye Brewing are dipped in a batter made with Hell-Diver Pale Ale and served with a side of cocktail sauce.

    2. Huckleberries - Delsa's Homemade Ice Cream & Restaurant - 7923 W. Ustick Rd., Boise, ID 83704
      Did you know it takes huckleberries up to 15 years to reach full maturity? No wonder this state fruit of Idaho is packed with so much flavor. Get a double dose of this sweet yet tart delicacy at Delsa's Homemade Ice Cream & Restaurant, which features huckleberry ice cream and cheesecake with huckleberry topping.

    3. Morel Mushrooms - Wild Plum Luncheonette, 1621 N. Orchard St., Boise, ID 83706
      Limited availability and their distinctive, sponge-like appearance give morel mushrooms an almost mythical status. Morel hunters have their own foraging secrets and jealously guard the locations of their favorite spots. At Wild Plum Luncheonette, warm beans and morels make an exotic alternative to traditional side dishes such as potato salad or coleslaw.

    4. Trout - Trillium, 245 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise, ID 83702
      Even legendary fishing enthusiast Ernest Hemingway was drawn to Idaho for its epic abundance of trout-filled waters. If you order trout at a local restaurant, chances are it was caught within the previous 24 to 48 hours. With its emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Trillium is one of the top places in Boise to dine on trout. 

    5. Croquetas - Basque Market, 608 W. Grove St., Boise, ID 83702
      Did you know that Boise is home to one of the largest populations of Basque heritage found outside of the Basque Country? As a result, the city's food landscape includes some international flair. Sample this flavorful cuisine at the Basque Market with their pintxos menu, which is a Basque version of tapas. Customers keep coming back for croquetas, a delicious fried pocket filled with béchamel sauce and various ingredients such as ham, mushrooms, or manchego cheese.

    6. Bison Burger - Boise Fry Co., 204 N. Capitol Blvd., Boise, ID 83702
      Idaho ranks #1 for potato production in the country, but livestock accounts for just over one-third of the state's agricultural income. Enjoy both signature products of Idaho farms at Boise Fry Co. Order a burger of local, grass-fed bison meat with a side of fries made with your choice of six different potatoes. 

    7. Ice Cream Potato - Westside Drive-In, 1929 W. State St., Boise, ID 83702
      No list of famous foods around Boise would be complete without a mention of spuds, so we saved the best for last. The ice cream potato at Westside Drive-In earned the popular eatery a spot on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. A generous potato-shaped serving of vanilla ice cream is rolled in cocoa and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 

    Boise is a perfect blend of urban attractions and small-town charm. Contact us at Coldwell Banker Tomlinson for dedicated and knowledgeable help buying or selling your Boise home.


    What's Causing Our Competitive Real Estate Market?

    Insufficient Supply Causing Our Competitive Housing Market 

    By Breanna Vanstrom, Chief Executive Officer, Boise Regional REALTORS®


    Anyone looking to buy a home has heard of or experienced the fast pace of the real estate market. In March 2021, the average number of days between when a home was listed for sale and received an offer to purchase was 22 — 50.0% faster than in March 2020. Offers were accepted even faster for existing homes with an average of 14 days — 24.1% faster than a year ago.

    The insufficient supply of available homes compared to buyer demand is the main reason the market is moving so quickly, and the competitiveness of the market continued to impact home prices. The median sales price in March was at $475,500 for existing homes — up 35.0% year-over-year, due in part to buyers often paying more than the list price to make their offer stand out.

    REALTORS® offer guidance and expertise to sellers when it comes to list price, but ultimately the decision on what the property should be listed for is set by the seller. Further, the sold price is determined by what buyers are willing to pay and which offer is accepted by the seller. With our competitive market conditions, there are often reports of homes selling significantly over list price, which may be a part of the pricing strategy.

    On average last month, existing/resale homes in Ada County sold for approximately $18,000 over list price. If you're searching for a home, this is certainly something to keep in mind. Your REALTOR® can pull recently sold comparables to see what homes similar to what you are looking for are selling at, including how much over list. If it's a significant difference, consider reducing the top end of your price range so you're still looking at homes that could be purchased within your overall budget, where possible.

    Speaking of budget, working with a mortgage lender early on is crucial. For buyers that have credit concerns or questions about saving for a down payment, creating and implementing a plan well before you begin searching for a home will allow you to shop confidentiality when you're ready. Lenders may also help identify down payment programs or grants to help first-time homebuyers, for example, especially where affordability is a concern.

    Ryan Froehlich, President of the Idaho Mortgage Lenders Association Boise Chapter, noted that "one of the main drivers of housing affordability are interest rates, which have pushed up off of the historic lows experienced during much of 2020, however, continue to be very low giving borrowers strong buying power. Rates fluctuate daily and a great indicator for rate movement is to watch 10-year treasury bond yields, which as of this past week have been pointing to a slight downward trend in rates. With that said, if you have a property under contract the recommendation is to lock your rate as the bond markets can be dynamic. As the number of COVID-19 vaccinations continues to build and the economy continues to open back up there looks to be more pressure on upward rate movement, hopefully in a gradual and natural fashion."

    Historically low rates are continuing to drive demand from prospective home buyers, along with rising rental costs. As reported by KTVB, "Boise rent has gone up 16% since March 2020, according to a study done by Apartment List. The study also said Boise rent rose 3.4% in March 2021." Additionally, the desire to own a home and move away from rentals – in some cases from larger metro areas, due to COVID-19 – have also been factors increasing home buyer demand.

    Looking at our March 2020 report, we were unsure of the impact the pandemic would have on the local real estate market, which we now know has roared back despite a few months of limited activity last year. We will do our best to provide context to year-over-year figures in the next few months of reports – keeping in mind that sales activity for April and May, in particular, might look high in comparison to 2020 since sales were dampened in those months as a result of the statewide stay-home order.

    Although real estate was deemed essential in Idaho, the level of general uncertainty put a lot of home buyers and sellers on pause. In July, we began seeing year-over-year increases in existing/resale sales, while listing activity remained below 2019 levels throughout most of last year. This, compounded with the overall trend of year-over-year declines in existing inventory since 2014, further contributed to the insufficient supply compared to the demand problem we find ourselves in today.

    However, there are still homes available for purchase, even if they are selling quickly or over list price. These competitive conditions mean it is imperative for prospective buyers to work with a REALTOR® to help them through the process. Sellers, too, are finding that their REALTORS® provide tremendous value in helping them determine the best pricing strategy based on current market conditions specific to their property and managing multiple offer situations.

    If you are considering buying a home soon or anytime this year, talk to a REALTOR® right away. Together, you can make a plan that works best for your timeline, especially if you need to coordinate selling your current home and would like to negotiate a rent-back agreement.

    In this pre-purchase stage, your REALTOR® and mortgage lender will advise you on what's needed to prepare your search process, such as qualifying for a mortgage, firming up your down payment funds, establishing your search criteria, and timeframe. They can also prepare you for the financial and legal implications related to a home purchase, most importantly what to expect when making offers, including offers over list price, ways to compete with cash offers, how to avoid fair housing violations by skipping the buyer "love letter", holding off on any large purchases or credit pulls to protect your loan qualification, and discussing any contingencies that a seller may request be waived, such as an inspection or appraisal, and how that may create risk for you… and more.

    Stages of a Real Estate Transaction

    In each of our reports in 2021, BRR is focusing on the various phases of a real estate transaction to help consumers be prepared before, during, and after a real estate transaction, showing them what their REALTOR® will be doing for them along every step, and the key data points they can look for to make sense of the market. To find a REALTOR®, please visit

    To view the Treasure Valley Market Report for March, CLICK HERE.



    Your Guide to Getting Your Boise Garden Started

    Boise Garden TipsWarmer temperatures are rapidly approaching, and now is the time to think about your Boise garden. What would you like to add this season? From flowering plants to veggies, you'll have a lot of options to consider.
    Our real estate agents offer the following guide to getting your Boise garden started, from helpful tips to stores that are worth a visit:

    Helpful tips  

    1. Start with a plan.
      Take the time to plan your garden's layout and design before you put anything in the ground. Check out local garden stores to see what types of flower and vegetable plants and seeds are available, and plan out your space on a piece of graph paper. It's not important to be exact but map out an estimate of space and the location of existing plants, sun and shade hours, and where sources of water are located.
    2. Consult a planting guide for the Boise area.
      Following a planting guide to ensure that you're getting each type of plant into the ground at the correct time. If you plant too soon, you run the risk that they could be damaged by a late frost. The frost-free growing season for the Boise area starts on May 22 and ends on October 6, so some plants, such as tomatoes and peppers, should be started indoors and then later transplanted into your garden.
    3. Consider weed control.  
      Weeds can compete with your garden plants for space and nutrients from the soil, so take steps to reduce them before they have a chance to gain a foothold in your garden. If you're planting seeds in your garden, do it as soon as possible after tilling so weeds don't get a head start. Adding mulch like an organic material or fabric, and pulling weeds by hand are methods that will help reduce weeds.

    Local garden shops to visit  

    • Zamzows – several Boise locations, including 6313 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, Idaho 83704
      Zamzows is a go-to store for most of your garden-related needs, including weed control products, soil amendments, bug control, and more. You can also expand your gardening knowledge with the store's classes, including one that covers everything you need to know about growing and caring for berries. 
    • The Home & Garden Store – 4291 S. Cloverdale Rd., Boise, Idaho 83709
      You'll find plenty of plants, soil amendments, chemicals and fertilizers, and more at The Home & Garden Store. The shop also carries a wide variety of other gardening supplies, and if you need some advice on where or what to plant or how to deal with pests, the staff – including an Idaho-Certified Nurseryman with over 46 years of experience – is friendly and knowledgeable.
    • North End Organic Nursery – 3777 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City, Idaho 83714   
      Want to make your garden organic? Then you'll want to visit North End Organic Nursery, which carries 100% organic fertilizers, pest and weed control products, and more. Over 300 varieties of certified organic vegetable starters are sold, so you can transplant them this spring and get your garden off to a great start. You'll also be able to select edible, native, and water-conserving plants for your garden to make it more environmentally friendly. And if you have questions, the nursery always has qualified horticulturalists on hand to help.

    Contact us if you're interested in looking at Boise homes for sale or would like to sell your home. Our agents know the area and its housing market very well and can help you buy or sell a home. 

    Disclaimer: All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Neither listing broker(s) or information provider(s) shall be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, misprints and shall be held totally harmless. Listing(s) information is provided for consumers personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Information on this site was last updated 02/07/2023. The listing information on this page last changed on 02/07/2023. The data relating to real estate for sale on this website comes in part from the Internet Data Exchange program of INTERMOUNTAIN MLS (last updated Mon 02/06/2023 11:33:53 PM EST). Real estate listings held by brokerage firms other than Coldwell Banker Tomlinson may be marked with the Internet Data Exchange logo and detailed information about those properties will include the name of the listing broker(s) when required by the MLS. All rights reserved. --

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