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Date Archives: January 2021

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Coldwell Banker Real Estate Recognized by the Women's Choice Award

Design Trends

Women's Choice Award® recipients have earned the 2021 award for being recommended by 9 out of 10 customers.

by Athena Snow, Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

MADISON, N.J. (January 25, 2021)  In a national survey conducted by the Women's Choice Award, over 85% of the Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC's female customers who have had experience with the brand say they would recommend Coldwell Banker Real Estate to their friends and family. For the fourth year in a row, The Women's Choice Award has recognized Coldwell Banker for its exceptional customer recommendation rating, earning the brand the coveted 2021 Women's Choice Award®

The exclusive set of products and services that earn the award have the honor of touting the Women's Choice Award designation, honoring their achievement as having 9 out of 10 of their female customers highly recommend them. As recommendation ratings are the pinnacle for determining true brand loyalty and love, the Women's Choice Award is a powerful indicator of a brand's commitment to their customers. The Women's Choice Award seal also represents Coldwell Banker's commitment to empowering women to make the best consumer choices for themselves and their families.

The Women's Choice Award is a significant and meaningful accomplishment in real estate because women are at the heart of most transactions. Women make or influence 91% of home-buying decisions and make up two-thirds of all real estate agents. Coldwell Banker has incorporated many diversity and inclusion programs committed to the advancement of women leadership efforts, including the CB Women initiative and What Moves Her campaign, that are dedicated to making sure women are provided with opportunities for career growth.


"At Coldwell Banker, we value women in real estate. I am beyond proud to work for a brand that empowers women to take on leadership roles and strives to make the industry better. Through our work with our Inclusive Ownership program and What Moves Her initiative, we are continuously exploring new ways to support leadership development, promote shared values, and provide resources for enhancing leadership tools and capabilities for women in the industry."

 Liz Gehringer, chief operating officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate

 "Today's marketplace is more cluttered than ever, yet women have less time than ever to sift through the saturated online options and store shelves. And with women on a constant hunt to identify the best brands for herself and her family, the Women's Choice Award serves as a trusted endorsement and visual beacon of empowerment, simplifying her choices. When consumers see that other women recommend a brand, through the Women's Choice Award seal, it provides an unparalleled level of trust and validation, putting her mind at ease- and that's priceless."

 Delia Passi, founder and CEO of the Women's Choice Award


Interior Design Trends to Know About in 2021

Design Trends

With 2020 behind us, our real estate agents are excited about the new possibilities 2021 represents. A new calendar is a blank slate, and maybe not just for you, but for your home too. So as we look to the future, keep these up-and-coming design trends in mind for your next home project. 

  1. Light Wood Tones
    A case could be made that wood is always in style. It's just the way we utilize it that changes. Lighter woods are a big design trend to watch out for in 2021. Taking a cue from Scandinavian inspiration, light woods bring a raw, natural look to any space. It's not just for floors, either. Lighter woods can help transform ceilings, shelves, cabinetry, even furniture. We love designs that let the natural light tones of the wood shine through, without dark and overpowering stains and finishes. 
  2. Modern Vintage Looks
    Striking a balance between the old-fashioned and the contemporary has been a growing trend that will continue through 2021. A big part of it has to do with incorporating vintage (or vintage-inspired) looks with their contemporary counterparts in a way that doesn't feel overpoweringly or artificially old-timey. Doing so creates not only contrast but balance. 
  3. Functional Comfort
    As we let a tough year go on its way, a desire for comfort and connection will play a huge role in shaping the biggest interior design trends of 2021. That includes an increased emphasis on soft curves, overstuffed furniture, and traditional, comforting designs. It's also about making spaces functional as well as comfortable. For example, if you have a formal sitting room, 2021 is the year to re-imagine it as a more welcoming, functional, and comforting space. 
  4. Bold Wall Colors
    Expect to see light and neutral walls give way to bolder tones this year. As we spend more time at home, there comes a need to introduce more life and color into our living spaces. If you're planning on repainting one or more rooms in your house this year, consider making a statement with your color choice, especially in living rooms and dining rooms. In other places (especially bedrooms), more relaxing neutrals are still the go-to choice. 
  5. Your Home, Your Office
    With record numbers of people working from home this year, many remote workers are discovering that they really do like working remotely. And a lot of companies are discovering that letting their employees work from home is actually a sustainable business model. We predict that more and more people will take the time to set up a truly epic home office this year. Choose a room with natural light, paint it a relaxing color, and get creative with storage options. If you weren't satisfied with your office at work, you can create your dream office at home. 

Whether you're planning on listing your Boise area home for sale in the new year or are simply planning a DIY project to improve your own living space, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more. 


Your Guide to the Colors of the Year for 2021

Colors of the Year 2021

Color makes a huge difference in the appearance of your home's interior and exterior, with few changes making such a huge impact for a relatively small amount of money. 2021's colors of the year have been named by paint companies and color experts, and they're inspired by the need to create a sense of calmness, wellbeing, and optimism after a trying 2020.
Our real estate agents share the colors of the year for 2021 and suggest some of the best ways to use these hues on the inside and outside of your home:  

  1. Aegean Teal   
    Paint company Benjamin Moore has named Aegean Teal, a soothing blend of blue and green with subtle hints of gray, as its color of the year for 2021. It's a versatile mid-tone rich enough to impart a good amount of color, but it also has an earthy quality. Radiating warmth and wellbeing, the color is comforting, and according to Benjamin Moore, it makes the home feel more like home. Try using it as an accent color on a wall or in a small room, or paint your front door in this cozy color.
  2. Moss Green 
    This natural-looking color can work with a variety of styles. Use it in rooms with wood and natural fibers, and moss green brings a touch of nature's tranquility.

  3. Beige 
    Beige brings a feeling of comfort to a home, and it's expected to be popular in 2021. Different textures will help beige stand out, and it pairs well with decorative elements in darker tones.

  4. Euphoric Magenta   
    Behr's Euphoric Magenta is reminiscent of jewel tones and adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Despite its richness, it's a soothing shade that can be used successfully on only one wall or throughout the room.

  5. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating
    Pantone has chosen two colors of the year for 2021 – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Ultimate Gray is a solid, dependable color inspired by natural elements like pebbles on a beach, while Illuminating is a warm, cheerfully vibrant yellow. These colors work well together in areas like the kitchen, where Ultimate Gray walls or cabinets can be accented with canisters or other accessories in bursts of Illuminating yellow. The colors can also be used on the front door, with Illuminating being used to brighten up the door and Ultimate Gray used on exterior finishes.

  6. Orange  
    Somewhat surprisingly, orange can be a great addition to your walls. An intense shade of orange is lively and is best used on an accent wall, and a more subtle pastel shade can be used more liberally to bring a touch of summer to your home.
  7. Off White    
    Basic and traditional, off white is about as versatile as it gets. It provides comfort and tranquility and has a warmth that the purest shades of white don't have. Off white can be used in any room since it creates the perfect backdrop for virtually any color scheme.
  8. Turquoise
    Cheerful turquoise works well when it's combined with neutral colors. When combined with ocher (pale yellowish-brown) elements and furniture, it creates an appearance of warmth and sophistication.

Contact us to see Boise homes for sale, and if you'd like to sell your existing home, we can suggest the best ways to make it more appealing to prospective buyers with updates that will provide the best value. 


Great Tips from Integrity Computer Consulting


Proper Passwords & Great Keyboard Shortcuts

From Your Friends at Integrity Computer Consulting and Repair

Password Best Practices

To help safeguard your card data and personal information on sites that require a login, we recommend:

  1. Make sure your password is secure even if the site you're logging into does not require it.  We recommend using a combination of upper and lower case letters, with numbers AND special characters, and not using any recognizable words.  For example, a password of "Ilovedogsalot" can be made more secure by changing all the vowels to look-alike numbers and special characters, breaking up the actual words into something more secure: !L0v3d0Gs@Lo+ 
  2. Use two-step authentication if it is available.
  3. Get into a habit of changing your password on a schedule (especially if it is a site that houses financial information or credit card numbers), even though it is a pain, we recommend changing passwords every 30-90 days. 
  4. Do not use the same password for every site. Make each password different (even if it is off by one or two characters) and keep a record of it.
  5. Write your passwords down or consider using a reputable password keeper like LastPass (


Tech Tip – Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can make quick work of a lot of things.  They can be valuable when right-click on your mouse doesn't bring up what you want it to, or your mouse is not working.

Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts are listed below.

Press this key

 To do this


Display Help

Ctrl + C

Copy the selected item

Ctrl + X

Cut the selected item

Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert)

Paste the selected item

Ctrl + Z

Undo an action

Ctrl + Y

Redo an action

Ctrl + A

Select all items in a document or window

Ctrl + P


Delete (or Ctrl + D)

Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin

Shift + Delete

Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first


Rename the selected item

Ctrl + Right Arrow

Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word

Ctrl + Left Arrow

Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word

Ctrl + Down Arrow

Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph

Ctrl + Up Arrow

Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph

Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key

Select a block of text


Search for a file or folder

Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel

Change the size of icons on the desktop


Display the address bar list in Windows Explorer

Shift + F10

Display the shortcut menu for the selected item

Ctrl + Esc

Open the Start menu


Activate the menu bar in the active program

Right Arrow

Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu

Left Arrow

Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu

F5 (or Ctrl + R)

Refresh the active window

Alt + Up Arrow

View the folder one level up in Windows Explorer


Cancel the current task

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Open Task Manager

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Lock the Computer, Switch User, Sign out, Change Password, and Open Task Manager

Shift when you insert a CD

Prevent the CD from automatically playing

Windows logo key

Open or close the Start menu.

Windows logo key  + Pause

Display the System Properties dialog box.

Windows logo key  + D

Display the desktop.

Windows logo key  + M

Minimize all windows.

Windows logo key  + Shift + M

Restore minimized windows to the desktop.

For a full list of keyboard shortcuts for all operating systems and common programs visit:

If you have any questions about anything above, would like help with your Mac, need help installing or uninstalling any programs, removing malware, or viruses, you can always check in with us! These things can also be done remotely. Please contact our office via phone at 208.288.4345 or email if you need immediate assistance.


Ada County Real Estate in 2020 - An Overview

2020 Ada County Real Estate Market Outpaced Previous Years Despite COVID-19

By Breanna Vanstrom, Chief Executive Officer, Boise Regional REALTORS®


We cannot have a 2020 review without first addressing the impact that COVID-19 had on the real estate market locally. 

The year started strong with January 2020 sales 21.5% higher than in January 2019 but began to taper off in February and March as the uncertainties of the pandemic made their way to our local market. In April and May, when our spring market typically begins to ramp up, sales activity dropped by 19.5% and 29.7%, respectively, because of the government-mandated shutdowns and restrictions.  

Sales began to pick up in June, then jumped 22.0% year-over-year in July, and remained elevated through November, compressing nearly a year's worth of activity into just six months. 

Despite the many challenges to buying and selling homes during the pandemic, home sales were able to continue due to a greater adoption of virtual technology for showings which limited in-person activities, as well as additional steps taken by REALTORS® to protect clients and properties when meeting in person, couldn't be avoided. 

In total, 11,728 homes sold in Ada County in 2020 — 5.2% more than in the previous year. The only other time we saw more sales in one year was in 2005 which had 11,974 sales. This represents existing and new construction combined. 

Low Mortgage Rates Increase Purchase Power 

 Historically low interest rates allowed home sales to quickly recover and then outpace 2019 levels. According to Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage in the U.S. was at 3.11% on average in 2020 — the lowest ever based on data going back to 1971. These low rates increased purchasing power for buyers, allowing them to buy despite rising prices, and in some cases, compete in multiple offer situations. 

Home Prices Driven by Supply vs. Demand 

A major factor that pushed home prices up was insufficient supply compared to demand, especially for existing inventory. For most of the year, the average Days on Market metric (DOM) for existing homes was at 20 days in 2020, on average, compared to 42 days in 2019. Then in October, DOM dropped to just 13 days — a record low based on data going back to 2004. This meant buyers had to act quickly and write a competitive offer when they found a home. 

On the last day of December 2020, there were just 333 homes available for sale, for both existing and new construction combined — 79.6% lower than December 2019 and a record low based on data going back to 2004. More inventory is needed to bring balance back into the market at all price points and product types. 

This begs the question, "How can home sales be up while inventory continues to drop?"  

Unlike the closed sales metric which reflects all homes sold during the month, the inventory metric fluctuates daily and is based on the number of homes listed as "active" in the multiple listing service on a given day. For our monthly reports, it's the last day of the month. This "snapshot" of inventory compared to a monthly total of sales is one reason we can see more closings than available inventory.  

Additionally, once a seller accepts an offer, the home is no longer considered available inventory. With the average Days on Market at less than a month, many properties that were available during the month are not reflected in the reported inventory "snapshot" at the end of the month. 

Factors Restricting Inventory 

The historically low mortgage rates mentioned earlier also caused a surge in refinancing at the beginning of the year (SOURCE) which likely kept some of the existing homes that may have otherwise been listed for sale off the market. Then after COVID hit, it further reduced the number of homeowners willing to sell due to safety concerns or general uncertainty. While we cannot quantify how many homeowners held back from listing, it was something we heard often from REALTORS® throughout the year. 

In addition to the impacts of refinancing and safety concerns, there were a variety of other reasons existing/resale inventory has been so limited. Many homeowners have delayed listing until they find their next home, which takes longer due to already limited and fast-moving inventory; some homeowners may not have felt they could "trade up" from their current home due to current prices, despite equity and low mortgage rates; or people may have been unable to manage a sale while working from home or if they had children at home for school. 

Interestingly, the push to stay home for work and school as a result of COVID had people across the country re-evaluating where they wanted to live. Wills added, "It's no secret that Idaho has been one of the top states experiencing growth over the past few years, and the ability for many to work from anywhere brought more interest than ever, equating to even more demand for homes in our market." 

The Role of New Construction 

The lack of existing/resale inventory put tremendous demand on builders, and they have been responding. According to Construction Monitor, 3,336 permits were approved for new single-family homes throughout Ada County during 2020. When we compare this permit count to the 4,010 new homes that sold in 2020, it suggests that we are not overbuilding as demand is absorbing all supply that becomes available, reinforcing the need for continued building.  

New home sales made up 34.2% of all sales in 2020, up slightly from 2019. New construction typically costs more than an existing home, due to higher increasing land, labor, and materials, so as the share of new home sales increases, it pushed up the overall median sales price. The median sales price for new construction in Ada County in 2020 was $424,995 compared to $375,000 for existing homes. Taking the two segments together, the median sales price for the market overall was $392,230 in 2020. 

Looking Forward 

Looking forward to 2021, the Boise Metro area continues to be among many economists' top picks for markets that should see continued growth. The National Association of REALTORS® even included Boise in their list of markets that are "expected to perform well in a post-COVID-19 environment." (SOURCE)  

To help balance the market out, again, we need more inventory among new and existing product. We hope to see more homeowners list in the coming months and take advantage of the ongoing demand. One additional opportunity for more existing inventory, though, comes from investors holding single-family properties. Investors should talk to a REALTOR® and tax professional to understand their options for selling their rental homes and potentially rolling proceeds into other sectors such as commercial or multi-family to diversify their portfolios. 

A fast, competitive market like ours presents challenges and opportunities to buyers and sellers alike. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, it's never been more important to work with a REALTOR®. They will help identify potential options for purchase, connect you with a mortgage lender, help craft a competitive offer, and negotiate on your behalf, allowing you to make decisions confidently and quickly to achieve your real estate goals. 

To view the Treasure Valley Market Report for December, CLICK HERE.



Housing News from Our Lending Partners at Idaho Central Credit Union



Housing Ends the Year Strong

Overview: As usual, trading volume was considerably reduced during the last couple of weeks of the year. The market reaction to the economic news was minor, and mortgage rates remained near-record-low levels.

The remarkable rebound in the housing market has continued. In November, existing-home sales, which account for roughly 90% of the market, were 26% higher than a year ago and near the best levels since 2006. The median existing-home price was 15% higher than a year ago, also close to record levels. The one drawback was that inventory levels were down 22% from a year ago. The number of homes for sale was at a record-low 2.3-month supply nationally, well below the 6-month supply that is considered a healthy balance between buyers and sellers.

Sales of new homes, which make up the remaining 10% of the market, also continued at a blistering pace. In November, new home sales were 21% higher than a year ago, yet a lack of inventory has been a constraint in this area as well. Builders say that they are putting up new homes as quickly as possible, but that a lack of land, labor, and materials is limiting the pace of construction.

Congress passed a $900 billion coronavirus relief bill, which will provide additional assistance to households, small businesses, and healthcare providers. The bill includes an extension of supplemental unemployment benefits of $300 per month and direct payments of $600 to qualifying individuals. Lawmakers continue to discuss whether to increase the amount of these payments.



How Pet Owners Should Prepare for a Showing

Pet Owners Boise

Man's best friend does make for a good housemate, but unfortunately, not so much of a great real estate agent. Pets are an interesting element of the real estate process. Many of the buyers attending a showing may love animals and even have pets themselves. However, that doesn't mean that they're crazy about moving into a new home that has lingering traces of cats, dogs, or other animals. There are also those who do not like animals and aren't particularly interested in purchasing a home that once housed pets. If you're a pet owner, our real estate agents suggest these tips on how to prepare for a successful showing:

  • Step 1: Find a place for your pet.
    You definitely need to find a temporary place for your pets. First, ask your neighbors if they can watch your animal for a few hours. If they cannot, consider taking the animal to a friend or family member's house or a pet sitting service.

  • Step 2: Remove evidence of pets.
    As you prepare to stage your home, you'll need to remove all evidence of your animals. Before thinking about cleaning or damages, first, focus on physical items that either belong to your pets or represent your pets. Water and food bowls, beds and furniture, toys, and supplies, all of these items should be stored away. You may also want to remove any photos or décor that may alert prospective buyers to the fact that you share your space with an animal.

  • Step 3: Repair all damages inside.
    It's best to take care of any repairs in the home before cleaning so that you can ensure the whole home is completely clean. Go around each room and seek out damages from your pet. Keep an eye out for claw marks on the floors or furniture, wall marks where pets or their furniture rub, carpet stains, and hair clumps under furniture. If you can, throw away and replace heavily used spots like area rugs.

  • Step 4: Professionally deep clean your home.
    Though it should go without saying, you should always invest in a professional cleaning service to make your home sparkle. If you have pets, choose a cleaning service that knows how to combat animal odors and debris. Some scents may be imperceptible to the human nose, while some pet dander can linger even after a good dusting. An experienced cleaning company specializing in pets will make your home look, feel, and smell like no animals are on the lease.

  • Step 5: Repair all damages outside.
    Now that your interior has been taken care of, it's time to focus on the exterior. Many pet owners don't notice just how much of their outdoor space receive wear and tear from pets. Fill all holes in the yard and clean up any "presents" left behind. Remove all outdoor pet toys or furniture. Fix any areas where damage may be noticeable, such as scratch marks on a wooden fence or bite marks on any outdoor human furniture.

A pet is a wonderful guest to have in your home, but you should also understand why buyers may not be wagging their tails at the thought of sharing the same space. Contact us today for more pet-proof staging advice before listing your property alongside our Boise homes for sale.


Go Snowshoeing on These Trails Near Boise

Boise Snowshoeing

It's time for snowshoe season once again! This is the perfect year to return to one of your favorite outdoor hobbies or to try snowshoeing for the first time as you explore Boise from a whole new perspective. Snowshoeing is a family-friendly activity, it's easy to learn, and it offers a great workout while you enjoy the outdoors. Ready to hit the trails and immerse yourself in some of the best views that Boise has to offer? Our real estate agents have all the details on 5 snowshoeing trails around Boise that you definitely won't want to miss this winter.

  • Adelmann Mine – Adelmann Mine Trailhead, Boise, ID 83716
    Learn about local history and enjoy some scenic views when you explore the Adelmann Mine trail, which is located near Boise homes for sale. This trail checks in at just under 5 miles, with relatively easy terrain to traverse if you're just getting started with snowshoeing. At the end of the trail, you will arrive at Adelmann Mine, a historic mine that has largely been preserved to the present day. There's a bit of a climb before you reach the mine, but the effort is worth it.

  • Bogus Basin – 2600 N Bogus Basin Rd., Boise, ID 83702
    A unique, non-profit winter recreation area with tons of trails to explore, Bogus Basin offers excellent snowshoeing for all experience levels. This is also a great place to visit if you want to spend a full day and mix in some other winter sports. The skiing here is fantastic, and the mountain is open at night if you want to try some snowshoeing after dark. As one of the only non-profit winter recreation areas in the country, Bogus Basin is a must-visit.

  • Corrals Trail – 31 Corrals Trail, Boise, ID 83702
    Running through the foothills around Boise, the Corrals Trail Loop is a busy, 5.5-mile trail with beautiful views all around. It's a point-to-point trail, so you'll either need to plan ahead for transportation or snowshoe both ways for an 11-mile round trip. Either way, you'll enjoy some great views of the foothills as you travel.

  • West Highland Valley Trail – 7596-7536 #11 West Highland Valley Trail, Boise, ID 83716
    If you're looking for a less crowded trail that still offers amazing views, be sure to check out the West Highland Valley Trail. This trail is also ideal if you're experienced with snowshoeing and looking for a bit of a challenge. It's a steep trail that lasts about 6 miles, with the first couple miles offering an especially challenging climb. You can travel the loop clockwise or counter-clockwise, with different views to enjoy depending on which way you travel.

  • Central Ridge Trail – 750 Mountain Cove Rd., Boise, ID 83702
    Enjoy a trip along the river when you travel the Central Ridge Trail, a popular loop that connects with various other trails in the area. When you combine the nearby Bucktail and Shane's trails with the Central Ridge Trail, you get a nearly 7-mile loop that features gorgeous views of the Boise River throughout your trip. This is an accessible trail with a moderate rating, so it's a fun place to snowshoe no matter your experience level.

No matter the season, you're never far from your next outdoor adventure when you live in Boise. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Boise, ID area.

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